9x9 Do Not Pass Go

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Jasonred : Challengers come on! Playing a game of no pass go on a 9x9!

is it really going to be that different? - Migeru
Moves 11-20  

Jasonred : Ending, definitely. As for my technique up to the final blow, who c

Migeru : That is definitely not what I was expecting. That is a safe but I think unnecessary move, because W1 would have a hard time living. There are two hotter points on the board that I can see...

If White is going to come from behind during yose, I need to keep sente for at least three moves...
Now we see the difference in technique between normal Go and Do Not Pass Go! (I hope...)
I don't know what you mean... I am still playing as I would normally have. Can you elaborate? - Migeru
I'm not certain yet, let's see how this goes!
Your move B3 was excellent (and unexpected).

Jasonred -was it? B9 : looks like B7 was a mistake... there was definitely some bad aji there, but I just had no idea how to take advantage of it. Oh, well...

The reason B3 was good is that it cut my stones into two groups (so I pay more group tax) and stole a few points on the side. But not any more...

I know... B7 was such a big mistake, I should have just played at 20, but, no... I had to try being inventive... If you have the slightest idea what I'm planning, I'm impressed, because I myself sure as don't any more...

Why did you have to be inventive? Just follow up on B3 and B5 and see what I do with my sente. - Migeru

But I don't want to see what you can do with sente! ;) Okay, I'll admit, it's a very bad habit from playing Hikago 2 on GBA, I am almost completely unwilling ever to let go of Sente, if I can help it. This includes performing unurgent, and often less useful, and sometimes outright stupid moves, just so I can maintain sente. Or almost sente.

Get rid of that bad habit! You could benefit from reading about aji keshi and kikashi (especially kikashi sente discussion and forcing move misunderstandings). - Migeru
Moves 21-30  
No need to keep track of prisoners, since this is No Pass Go.
Aargh. I just did a thank you move! I think. And... anyone can easily tell where the bottom right is going. Oh well. At least... I still have sente! ;( If this were a normal game, I'd have lost by now, but, as it is, this is no pass go, so my plan seems to actually be working...
If this plan of yours actually works, I'll be amazed. - Migeru
Now wait a second... Maybe I am getting myself in shortage of liberties. Is that your plan?

Jasonred I see no group of yours even close to shortage of liberties.

Hmmm... Jasonred regains sente... I think...

Migeru Ignoring your opponent's moves in not keeping sente.

Now how about this? - Migeru

B9 : About an hour after making that move, I realised that the counter left my 3 group in atari. Moron myself! I hate how my play has ridiculous ups and downs like that, I make a fairly good move here, a moronic move there, a (for me) brilliant move here, kill myself in gote there...

Moves 31-40  
| O . . . X X X O . |  

Jasonred : Why is no one kibitzing or anything?

Migeru: This is too embarrassing :-)

This is possibly a mistake, too.

Jasonred : Your mistake, or mine? Anyhow, this is getting just WEIRD...

My mistake, because there is life in the hane?. Now I have a dilemma. Either I live, but then you also live in the corner and I am suddenly behind, or I try to kill you but I may find myself with shortage of liberties. Please be patient while I do some serious reading. - Migeru
I think I'm OK. There is death in the hane. - Migeru
Jasonred : I just guessed W6, feel free to change it if I got it wrong for some reason. In fact, feel very free to change it!
This is terrible. W2 should have been at B3 or B5. And I knew it, too! - Migeru

Jasonred : Yeah, at B5 would have made 2 eyes. Dunno about B3, though.

I shouldn't find myself in this situation... - Migeru
Moves 41-50  
I knew that stone would be my downfall! Waah! Never mind, I think the plan is still working... or is it? Hmm, was B1 a bad move? Not sure. By the way, my plan doesn't involve capturing that group or salvaging my own, I don't think those have been viable options for quite a while...
For a while I thought I might be able to save that stone... but after so many mistakes it's no longer possible. - Migeru

B47 : On the 10th anniversary, I would like to discuss move 37!

Oh, dear.

b9 : Not again. Well done, myself.If you take over 90% of the board it doesn't matter whether it's no pass go or normal go anymore...

Moves 51-60  

Jasonred : I just realized that I've lost everything. Ruins, it's all gone... all of it... wah!!! Hmmm, no pass go, whatever go, I don't think it's possible to make a comeback with just those black+circle stones there, so... I surrender. The no pass factor doesn't even come into play. Sigh. This became normal go after all, and very bad at that.

Migeru: Idea: why don't you go back to what you think is your first mistake and correct it? Just make a new board for that 10-move section.

Move 37  

Would this have been a stronger response, you think?

W38 kills your corner, but then you get more points on the left side with B39.

Move 38  

Because I am greedy like that, I would probably have played W8 in the same place...

What would this have done?
I'm thinking that Black might want to try forcing the white stones on the left to only have one eye.

Can Black Kill?  

The intersetion at a is a potential weakness for Black. (Black can capture a White play there at the moment).

The b and c intersections are miai to force only one eye on White.

Remember that the marked Black stones have only three liberties, so a Black move at d may not be quick enough to save the game.

Black's b will start a ko fight when White plays c, but is a Black move at e good enough? Black f and g together don't work because of White's play at h.

Aha! B3 is a good threat?  

If White connects at i, then Black j can put those marked White stones in Atari! Now the game depends on what White can get by trying to capture Black's top two stones.

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