4-5 point 4-3 approach keima, tenuki

  Difficulty: Advanced   Keywords: Joseki
White's tenuki  

One of the most complex and interesting of tenuki joseki is met when White ignores black+circle here.

Black's plays  

Black's main line here is to play a, to close off the top side. Other plays known in pro games inlcude Black at b, c or d. c will not be discussed below, because its sequences are similar or equal to those of the main line at a.

Black's move at a  

This is the common line in pro practice. After W2 the white+circle stone retains aji. White will extend in the direction of W4 after B3: there is a question of whether to hold back at p, and whether or not to play the White q - Black r exchange first. That in turn depends on the use White intends to make of the play at s, aiming at white+circle from the other direction. All these possibilities come up in pro games.


Instead of B3 in the previous diagram, black can play B3 here: but is certainly too thin to kill White: consider White's plays at the x points. This way of playing was tried recently by Yamashita Keigo.

Black's move at b  

B1 here (b in the diagram) can set off a joseki-like sequence. With W6, a hard-to-find tesuji, White can escape confinement. This particular line has been played a couple of times by the colourful Seo Neung-uk.


Black can turn the corner into a ko by playing at a BQM531, Black b sacrifices the three stones but gets a part of the corner.

Taking the corner  

If white wants more security in the corner and doesn't mind getting locked into it, she can play W1 here instead. After W7, black can play a or tenuki.

White's tenuki  

After B1, the usual line is for white to approach the corner from the left side, for example at a, but W2 is a nice light way of escaping to the upper side.

Written by: Charles Matthews with additions by tderz and Andre Engels

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