4-4 point one-space low pincer invasion, interception, hane underneath

    Keywords: Joseki
Hane underneath  

B6 hane here is probably a special plan, for example if Black has strength in the direction of a. This play looks for more territory, but the white pincer stone remains as a more serious problem; so Black cannot claim a thick position.

Settle quickly  

One variation from pro games is this, with W3 allowing B4 at the key bulge point. W5 is for immediate life, leaving Black to worry about white+circle.

B2 at b is not joseki, see 33PointInvasionQuery1.

W5 tenuki is also seen here, with a different feeling.

Tenuki1 (forgo corner)  

Here White makes a ponnuki, and has sente once more.

Velobici: can White tenuki at this point? Assuming a black stone at a (as we assumed in the first diagram), it would seem that White must immediately play to support the four stones that comprise the ponnuki.

aLegendWai (9k? KGS): It depends on the rest of the board. If B stone at "a" is weak, it may be ok to tenuki (play elsewhere). If not, it is very urgent for W to play towards the centre before B enclosing the chance.

Tenuki2a (take corner) (circled W stone captured)  

aLegendWai (9k? KGS): Correct me if wrong.
I wonder if W will play as suggested when there's a B stone at "a". If B stone at "a" is weak, it may be possible. Otherwise the influence of ponnuki may be greatly reduced, not to say W is not safe at this moment.
To avoid this, there's another variation.
- B5 captures the white+circle by a ladder. If there's a W ladder breaker, B is in a disadvantage (Then B should play differently instead!).
- W6 and W8 contributes to a living shape. - W live in the corner, but it gives B good influence and thickness.

Tenuki2b (take corner) (circled W stone captured)  

This is also possible (and better to me ^-^). W lives with its good threat of white+circle (which W can make use of it).
Later, B has to capture the white+circle when a W ladder breaker exists. If B forgets, you should know what to do. ^^

Steady joseki  

Assuming no black stone at a, White can also play steadily with this W3 and W5, leaving the question of the aji of the marked stone for later. Black may be able to take sente, but White shouldn't omit W5 because Black b is severe.

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