4-4 point low approach, attachment, wedge, low atari

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The ladder variation  

Charles Matthews The important ladder occurs after B1 and B3. White should expect this and use a ladder with W4, unless White is already strong on the left side in which case White at a may be possible.

The ladder variation, continuation  

The expected sequel is then B1, W2 (because of the proverb Capture stones caught in a ladder at the earliest opportunity

White is considered better.

Playing a local ladder-breaker  

With B1 here, Black prevents the ladder capture: clearly though White at a next means White can take over the corner for a big exchange.

Crawling fight  

If White isn't so flexible, and plays W2 here anyway, a difficult crawling battle can arise after W4. There are some more ladder tactics available after B5 (double threat ladder-maker).

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