33 Point Invasion Query 8

    Keywords: Life & Death

Let's say that W wants to invade a relatively strong black position at the 33 point. How does W live (regardless of whether giving black the additional outward thickness is a good idea).

white wants certain life  

From "Intermediate Level Power Builder, Vol I", white plays W3 rather than Wa Bb to avoid a ko.

b takes an eye, but w escapes  
b defends, w makes life  

A move by black at B1, or at any of the circled points cuts off white's escape and requires white to make life with W2.

now what?  

Suppose black resists? How best to proceed now for white? Can white make life without ko?

now what?  

unkx80: Block at W5 followed by jumping out at W9. With a (or b) and c more or less miai, intuition tells me that White should have no problems living.

white wants certain life  

What to do when black plays B4 tsuke instead of at a? Is there a way for white to live unconditionally or escape?

Black tries to kill  

Bill: Assuming W1 - W5, Black can hold White to one eye in the corner, starting with B6.

White escapes  

B2 @ black+circle.

Bill: Then, after W1 - B2 and W3 - B4, White escapes with W5 - W9.

Bob McGuigan: See joseki-related life-and-death example 5 for some other variations.

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