3-3 point invasion query 4

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Moved from sansan invasion of hoshi.

Ways to stop an invasion of the 4-4 point at the 3-3 point.

- AndrewB

Diagram 1  

I used the idea of responding to B1 at W2.

Diagram 2  

I thought this sequence turned out well for White, even though Black got a little territory.

Diagram 3  

This next variation is when B5 varies. I wasn't sure which move was better.

Diagram 4  

At this point the black stones would be captured. (JuhoP: But B1 is wrong. B1 at a captures the 2 white stones.)

Diagram 5  

Variation at B7.

Diagram 6  

Black pushes, bad for White  

BlueWyvern: I'd say white+circle is a bit of a trick play. Black simply extends with B1 and B3, then jumps to B5.

White needs to do something about the defect at a now, or Black will push here and rip White's position apart. White cannot hane early at B3 or b, or Black will cut at W2 and or W4 respectively. I'll leave it to the reader to work out the continuations with these hane's, but White has quite a desperate struggle.

Black pushes and cuts  

Alternately Black could try the push at B1 first with the cut of B3 which leads to a very one-sided fight in favor of Black, especially if Black has a good ladder.

Regardless of how you look at it, black+circle is very bad for White if Black responds in a correct manner.

HolIgor: Your move is worth consideration in the case when there surrounding is such that Black does not get an easy life when breaking into the center.

After writing all these diagrams I realized that they all hinge on the idea that White would play white+circle, and that Black would try to cut.

If anyone has some better ideas for responding to a black stone at the 3-3 point, I'd be interested because my only response is this:

My usual response  

JuhoP: This and the diagrams below do not make sense. Just look at the page on 3-3 invasion for reasonable variations.

My usual response (con't.)  

SAS: W8 is wrong - White has too many cutting points. This is discussed on the 3-3 point invasion page.


Togi2Benji?: What if B1, W2?

Karl Knechtel: Then B3; White cannot really cut here.

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