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"killed" or "captured"? [#986]

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xela: "killed" or "captured"? (2007-05-19 06:01) [#3383]

I'm interested in the distinction between "killed" and "captured" stones. I think the intention, on this page at least, is that "captured" only means stones that have been physically removed from the board, whereas "killed" includes dead stones that are still on the board (and perhaps "killed" should also include pass stones in this context?) However, the pages killing, capture and Killing Versus Capturing seem to blur this distinction. Certainly I myself tend to use the words interchangeably.

Bill: Re: "killed" or "captured"? (2007-05-19 09:30) [#3385]

Go jargon is quirky in this way. Stones may be killed without being captured. I suppose that there is some ambiguity about whether captured stones are killed. Neither are alive, of course.

As for this page, best to remove any ambiguity, eh? It reads better, too. :-) In fact, I did a complete rewrite. As Robert Jasiek points out, the page needed one.

xela: ((no subject)) (2007-05-19 10:18) [#3386]

Thanks, I certainly think the new version of the page is much harder to argue with (although, sooner or later, someone is bound to try).

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