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Cosmic Style - examples [#939]

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reply Cosmic Style - examples (2007-04-07 13:25) [#3270]

Does anyone know good example games to study for Takemiya Masaki's Cosmic Style? It would be good to get a link up to an sgf file if possible. Or other reference sources for this? Books?


   Wilf Dell
Calvin: 1995 Meijin (2007-04-07 16:21) [#3272]

Well, how about the 1995 Meijin title match vs. Kobayashi Koichi?


I think people get distracted by this style and forget that Takemiya is just fundamentally strong. His endgame is top-notch, too, for example. With Shin Fuseki, it's the same thing. Go Seigen and Kitani Minoru surprised people by actually winning with some new ideas, but in the end maybe they were just strong. Only a few things (well, important things)survived from that experiment.

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