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Bill gates? [#823]

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davou: Bill gates? (2007-01-05 01:49) [#2919]

according to this parent page BG plays go... Is there offline confirmation of this? Id like to know how strong he is.

MrShin: Re: Bill gates? (2007-01-05 05:59) [#2922]

Agreed! Sources required! ^__^

edgy: Re: Bill gates? (2007-01-05 16:22) [#2925]

In July 1997, Gates did a Q&A column. Asked "have you ever failed at anything", he replied:

There are things I hoped for that I didn't achieve. When I was young I wanted to be the world's best chess player and, of course, I didn't succeed. I wanted to be the world's best Go player, too. I wanted to keep IBM in a happy partnership with Microsoft, and that didn't work out either. There are people I wanted to hire whom I couldn't. So I've had plenty of disappointments.

This used to be on the Microsoft web site, but is now gone. It's in Google cache, and is also [ext] available via the Internat Archive Wayback Machine

No clue how strong he is, except that he's not the world's best player. 8)

I'll add the link to the main page.

davou: Re: Bill gates? (2007-01-05 23:36) [#2931]

thanks for the prompt help :)

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