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reply A play, not a joseki (2019-08-31 15:23) [#11421]

Bill: The subject says it all. This is a play, not a joseki. When made from the 4th line to the 3d line, it is also called a kick. It appears in a number of different joseki, none of which can be singled out. The examples shown involve a pincer, and the joseki in which the kick appears would be known by the pincer. Especially as the kick is also played with different pincers. The kick may also be played without a pincer, as the diagram indicates. Perhaps the sequence in the diagonal could be called a diagonal attachment joseki.

3-4 point diagonal attachment  
PJTraill: Re: A play, not a joseki – What to do about it? (2019-09-02 21:46) [#11422]

It seems that the original intention was to provide an overview (with links) of the various joseki using this play, and that this has perhaps been confused by the addition of the section Introduction to Key Points.

I see that we also have a fairly small article on the diagonal attachment and a diagonal attachment path to pull many things together. I feel that the problem may be the distribution of material across the articles. In particular, any general material belongs in Diagonal Attachment; my impression is that the “key points” are fairly general, even though they talk about a pincer.

I also note that 3-4 point low approach two-space low pincer, tenuki (linked via 3-4 point diagonal attachment joseki) has very little to say about the diagonal attachment.

This article might be useful if this broad term is used and linked, and if such uses remain after disambiguating anything more specifically meant (as per the To Do section). If this article is not useful, then I think it should be scrapped and the contents spread over other more appropriate articles. If there is very little to be said about joseki, it would make it more accessible to include it in Diagonal Attachment rather than chasing the reader off to another page.

But first we had better run through the 11 references to the alias Kosumi-tsuke joseki and the one direct reference to see how they use this page; I personally do not expect to have all that much time to spare for this in the next two or three weeks.

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