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reply Pass (2006-12-01 08:47) [#2491]

RobertJasiek: What about positions in that passing is best for both players? Is the miai value 0 then?

Bill: Re: Pass (2006-12-01 18:02) [#2493]

If correct, and not dictated by a ko or superko prohibition, a pass is worth 0 or less (down to -1 by territory scoring). See pass stones, AGA rules, and Spight rules. Re: Pass (2006-12-01 18:23) [#2494]

RobertJasiek: But what is the definition of "miai value" in this case? How does the definition apply?

Bill: Re: Pass (2006-12-01 18:30) [#2495]

The miai value of a gote is how much it gains, on average. If there is no penalty for an unconstrained pass, it simply leaves the board position unchanged. The value of the position is unchanged, and the gain is zero.

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