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Dieter: Regarding: ONReading (2005-10-14 09:51) [#172]

Hi Bob (Myers),

Can you repeat again why this should be deleted? I made it a separate page because someone was asking for its meaning. Same for KUN.

Not enough go related?

reply Re: Regarding: ONReading (2005-10-14 16:30) [#178]

Bill: I do not favor deleting the page, but I understand Bob's misgivings. Obviously, in discussion about Japanese terms questions about the Japanese language will come up. But go terminology is quite specialized, and general questions about the language, such as the different ways to read the characters, have little relevance, if any. Why should SL try to be a reference for Japanese?

Similar issues arose with combinatorial game theory (CGT). The book, Mathematical Go, introduced infinitesimals into go thinking about tedomari. So a certain amount of CGT is relevant, but not very much. Still, there was enough interest to create the Surreal Numbers page!

Well, why not? These things are self limiting, anyway.

kokiri: Re: Regarding: ONReading (2005-10-14 16:37) [#179]

can't it be made a sub-page of one of the core japanese language pages? kokiri

BobMyers: Re: Regarding: ONReading (2005-10-14 18:16) [#180]

The reason is given on the KUN-reading page. Normally I wouldn't worry about such things, but here the problem was that some of the information was incorrect. That meant somebody would need to edit it, but that effort seems wasted when there is already an authoritative explanation elsewhere on the web, notably on [ext] Wikipedia.

I note the referring page is Hikaru no Go-related, and I can understand why someone coming at things from there might be interested in this but yet find Wikipedia intimidating. In that case, perhaps this page should should be a single sentence simply stating "One of the two types of readings Japanese kanji have, the one based on the original Chinese pronunciation. For more information see blah blah."

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