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Gronk: Regarding: Saying Hi (2005-10-13 14:32) [#145]

Clearly meant to be a "go humor" page. But actually, the topic is not completely without merit for serious discussion. Putting aside the language issue (I play in the English room on KGS so I don't worry that opponents don't know "hi"), there is a question of the purpose of saying "hi" and "thanks", which seem to me to be the bare minimum of civil communication.

Having considered this, I decided that "hi" is alright, but not what I want to say. What I really wish to express is that I hope for a mutually enjoyable game. Summing this up in as few words as possible I always begin games with "enjoy!"

I always end games with "thx". I never say anything else unless a dispute arises, which is rare (has only happened when I refuse an undo, which is my right!!!!---don't get me started).

I also no longer play with any player who doesn't at least say "hi" and "thx" (or some equivalent). It just seems rude not to make a small effort to be civil.

X Re: Regarding: Saying Hi (2009-10-10 17:28) [#6444]

Maybe instead of saying hi we could copy n past a symble. Like this:

 \\     ||
  \\     /
   \    /

It's supose to be a hand waving. I timk everyone from any country can understand that n it can be used for greetings n win u leave. It seems simpler to me then trying to hassel with a languge barriere.

Remillard: Re: Regarding: Saying Hi (2005-10-13 19:18) [#162]

I typically say something like "Hi, have a good one." It's a bit idiomatic, but seems alright to me. For the end, I dislike "thx" myself. It seems worse than nothing. I try to create a complete sentence out of it "thank you very much for the game." I also try to do this before the last "Done" is clicked, so that I can be assured it was sent before the end of the game when the result is final. My own little way of saying that regardless of the game result, I enjoyed the time spent playing the game.

reply Re: Regarding: Saying Hi (2005-10-13 19:24) [#163]

KarlKnechtel: I say "hi" out of habit, without really thinking about it. At the end, I type out "thanks for the game" in full, which honestly does not take significantly more time than just "thx" (especially with practice). Why not take a few more seconds to appear a bit more civil? :) (Although I will admit, when I have played quite badly I often resign and leave without saying anything - no slight intended against my opponent; just frustration with myself.)

DrStraw: Re: Regarding: Saying Hi (2005-10-23 15:08) [#166]

I have found myself trying to type a sentence to end a game only to find that by the time I have done it the opponent has said "thx" and left. In the end I just gave in and starting typing "thanks".

Remillard: Re: Regarding: Saying Hi (2005-10-23 15:08) [#168]

That's another reason for doing it before you click the "done". They are less likely to leave before there is a result.

sduff: Re: Regarding: Saying Hi (2005-10-14 05:44) [#169]

ChiyoDad has an interesting take on greeting your opponent. Since reading this, I've started my games against my close friends with an emphatic 'KIAI!!!!'


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