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Regarding: what's going on with Beginner Exercises? [#65]

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Gronk: Regarding: what's going on with Beginner Exercises? (2005-10-13 14:20) [#144]

Just a quick check in on your recent activity with respect to Beginner Exercises. I see you rejected one. I looked at the rejected problem page and solution to find an explanation as to why it was rejected but didn't find one. Maybe you posted something elsewhere? Could you explain? I'm just curious. I'm sure you have a good reason (like the problem is too hard?). Thanks for clarifying.

Ahh, I also see addition of depth and width and concepts on Beginner Excercise pages. Very nice! I'm guessing that depth is how many moves to read and width is how many variations (a bit unclear to me how you count those--is it all possible ones????). Perhaps this is all explained somewhere. I will look around but feel free to point me in the right direction.

Nice work though!!!

Unkx80: Re: Regarding: what's going on with Beginner Exercises? (2005-10-23 15:07) [#160]

I suppose 80% to 90% of beginner exercises are posted by me? What I know is that people always complain that a number of the exerises aren't beginner. So I am slowly moving hard problems away, sometimes to kyu exercises, sometimes to random tsumego, sometimes to other places. In this case, in response to what Dieter said on the discussion page, I have turned it into some teaching material at technique on getting first capture in a ko? rather than listing it as a problem.

Incidentally, I wanted some explanatory material to cover the gap before beginner exercise 7, and I could not find it elsewhere, hence the shifting of the problems in between. I think beginner exercise 6 and beginner exercise 7 systematic treatment to a certain concept.

The next problematic problem I would like to modify is beginner exercise 11. The modification involves adding two Black stones to the sides to simplify the whole discussion and then move all the ensuing discussion into another teaching style page.

Gronk: Re: Regarding: what's going on with Beginner Exercises? (2005-10-13 20:30) [#164]

Ah, good to see efforts to improve. I'm happy to help review if you wish. I'll do this anyway if I see the changes in "Recent Changes". But, if you want to call my attention to something to reveiw, plop a message on my page.

Dieter: Re: Regarding: what's going on with Beginner Exercises? (2005-10-13 14:33) [#149]

Depth and with - it is I who started that. Now that at least someone thinks it is nice, I'll continue. How do I determine this?

Width: The variations start with what I, 2d as I may be, "see". It is very well possible that other people "see" different things.

Depth: sometimes until complete capture (such as cut and connect exercises) sometimes until a vital point is occupied which should be obvious for evedry beginner, let's say up to the bulky five.

Gronk: Re: Regarding: what's going on with Beginner Exercises? (2005-10-13 14:38) [#150]

Oh, sorry to mis-credit. Nice job!

Might I suggest defining these terms somewhere and referencing them on the front of the Beginner Exercise path?

It seems the exact depth and width are sort of fuzzy. Probably you don't count every single possible variation for width, just ones that look like perhaps they might be a solution, right? (Very vague but most of us know what this means.)

And you already admit that depth isn't precise, it is just far enough that the reader should see it as correct. That's okay too. I don't think anything more precise is possible other than going all the way to removal of dead groups or formation of two eyes. That's overkill though.

I guess this discussion, should it continue, is better moved elsewhere now. Where to put?

Reuven: Beginner Exercise 298 (2010-08-05 22:05) [#7872]

hi unkx i just saw you commented on Beginner Exercise 298 saying "...i don't feel that this is a beginner exercise." and i was wondering why... :)

(i'm not saying i disagree, my judgment usually is horrible regarding problem categorization but was wondering what criteria it fails on ^^*)

Unkx80: Re: Beginner Exercise 298 (2010-08-06 16:06) [#7874]

Hi Reuven, I don't remember where I said that. JoelR said on the Beginner Exercise 298 page that he doesn't think that an "only path" exercise, presumably of this difficulty, qualify as a beginner exercise.

But then, I do feel that this exercise is a tad too hard to be an beginner exercise.

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