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axd: book orientation (2018-08-31 15:34) [#11168]

I own two other books of Jasiek, and what struck me is that these are English books, but the side of the books are inverted, as for German books... (Shelves of English books can be walked while tilting the head to the right.)

X Re: book orientation (2018-08-31 15:54) [#11170]

You've posted your question on the wrong book page. This book is by Tomoko Ogawa and James Davies from 1976.

RobertJasiek: Re: book orientation (2018-08-31 20:05) [#11171]

I see your question nevertheless, so here is an answer.

When I chose the orientation of the text on the side of my first book, I did not give it much thought but simply chose what seemed consistent for me: usually, one takes a book looking at its front and when one then looks at the side, text going upwards is easily readable. I have never known of any German, English or whatever standards for this. Among my countless bought books, every orientation occurs, so I was not aware of any system for it. Now that you mention country-wise conventions, I am becoming aware that there is such a thing. Maybe. I do not know how well such conventions are followed. Anyway, German publisher suggests German orientation. Frankly, I do not care, except for one thing: it should be consistent on all my published books so that they can be browsed easily. The large, clear font helps.

For a change, look at The Trouble with Physics (black cover editions)!

PJTraill: Re: book orientation (2018-11-05 15:47) [#11191]

This seems to be in the forum of the wrong page; I suspect you refer to Endgame 1 Fundamentals or Endgame 2 Values by Robert Jasiek!

Oops did not read first reply before posting sorry

But I do prefer English (majority) orientation, which means it is easier to read the spines of books lying in a pile with their fronts facing upwards.

PeterHB: Moved this discussion here (2018-11-06 20:10) [#11192]

Moved this forum discussion thread here, as these comments all seem related to Robert Jasiek's book, rather than Tomoko Ogawa's book.

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