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CharlesMatthews: Initial position: Small Gaps (2005-10-12 17:26) [#128]

Discussion of initial sequence

Better play  

If Black wants to attack the white stone, he should prefer to stay a bit further away from it. B3 (separating the two white stones) or Black a (attaching against the stone one is 'not' attacking) are better ways to go about this.

Another alternative is to exchange B1 for W2 to reduce white's options in the corner, and then splitting. However, White still has the option of invading at b in an attempt to sacrifice her two stones at the top.[1]

Better play (2)  

If Black does play B1, go logic calls for Black to cut at B3 next. The resulting fight is hard for both, but more so for White, so probably White has to give way by playing W8 at B9, allowing Black to play at W8 and make a thick wall. - Andre Engels

[1] There is a modern joseki here.


Without the black stones nearby, up to W10 has become a joseki (post-Ishida). I haven't seen this in a book, just the variation with W6 at B7 to take central influence.

The interesting thing here, of course, is that W10 seems to contradict directly what is said on the parent page.

Naturally there is a reason for this, in pro play. Black most often continues by capturing at a (honte) removing a possible shortage of liberties. Then White can play at b.


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