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Bill: Thanks for Chinese pages (2006-06-05 20:25) [#1679]

Many thanks, unkx80, for these pages on Chinese terms. :-) In particular, I think that having a name for these basic patterns is helpful to beginners.

Hicham: ((no subject)) (2006-06-05 21:50) [#1680]

Hi Unkx80, great job you are doing here.

one thing though, i think it might be better to get rid of the numbers in the page title. There are not very easy to search thisway and people who have no idea how to pronounce chinese, will not know it even with these numbers. People who are interested in this, will read the article, which seems like a better place for the prononciation explanation.

Unkx80: ((no subject)) (2006-06-05 22:10) [#1681]

Hicham: Ok, will rename them.

BTW, those are not pronunciation explanations. Chinese is not quite a phonetic language.

Bill: I don't think many Chinese terms merit their own pages, rather I prefer to add linguistic notes to existing pages. Of course, these two terms are exceptions. When I come across more such terms, I will create pages accordingly.

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