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wChen: Search for Books of Game Collections (Any Language) (2006-05-30 21:32) [#1650]


Recently, I've been looking for a collection of games to bring with me while I'm traveling. There are few game collections in English, so i tried ordering a Go Seigen and a Takagawa Shukaku book in Chinese (about 25 games per book) from Yutopian. Annoyingly, they told me they were out of stock, and after I sent an irritated e-mail (I had previously tried ordering Go Seigen's tsumego book with the same result), it turns out the publisher had stopped printing these books.

Since Yutopian hasn't been particularly helpful in locating these books (I couldn't even get an ISBN), I was wondering if anybody at Sensei's could help me out. If you know a place I can get collections like the ones I describe below (either online or in the Boston or Los Angeles areas), please let me know.

My ideal game collection book for travel: a small lightweight book that can easily fit in a carry-on bag, can be in any language, but should have little-to-no commentary and variations, 25+ games, and modern players (Go Seigen or later, and a "best of" collection is nice).

Thanks for your help.


Blake: GoGoD (2006-05-30 21:54) [#1652]

Have you considered purchasing GoGoD and then using a program like SGFtoKifu or [ext] sgf2misc to generate your own diagrams from the game records? This would likely be cheaper, and wouldn't have the drawbacks of a foreign language book. Furthermore, you could choose the games for inclusion.

wChen: Re: GoGoD (2006-05-30 22:31) [#1653]

Thanks for the suggestion.

I feel that buying a published book has a few advantages for me:

  1. The books can choose the best games for me, so I don't have to search through a huge database.
  2. My printer doesn't print well.
  3. A book would probably be a smaller size, a more convenient package.

I think that it's a good idea, but I would prefer a book if I could get it. I like the idea that the "best of" games have already been chosen, so that I don't have to find them myself.

If I end up using a database, I could even use Gobase or go4go.net, it would be even cheaper than GoGoD. Re: GoGoD (2006-05-31 02:22) [#1655]

Bob McGuigan: Do you need commented games? If not why not get a Japanese, Korean, or Chinese yearbook? Yutopian sells them and the Japanese ones are available from Kiseido, too. There are game collections in English, too. I recommend _The 1971 Honinbo Tournament_ by Iwamoto, published by Kiseido, _Invincible, The Games of Shusaku_ by John Power, published by Kiseido, and _Tournament Go 1992_ by John Power. These books would give you hundreds of commented games. Finally, if you are open to buying Japanese books, [ext] http://www.amazon.co.jp has many, many game collections including some with only 4 or 5 moves per diagram so you can follow them without having a board and stones or a computer handy.

Hikaru79: ((no subject)) (2006-05-31 07:33) [#1659]

There is a book at [ext] http://wingsgoclub.org titled "Go on Go: The Analyzed Games of Go Seigen". It's a commented collection of Go Seigen's games, with variations et al. And free too!

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