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reply Access Blocked (2006-05-21 17:29) [#1608]

Hicham:When I tried to so to Sensei's Library this morning, I got an 'Access Blocked ' screen.

I circumvented the issue by opening the same page in an Internet Explorer tab in Firefox. Is this a browser problem? Why do I suddenly get this message?

I certainly didn't run mirroring scripts or anything like that

Incarlight: Re: Access Blocked (2006-05-22 01:57) [#1615]

At least I'm glad it wasn't just me. The first time I started Firefox (after switching from IE), I got the Access Blocked message. I thought I would have to give up Firefox.

reply ((no subject)) (2006-05-21 19:02) [#1609]

cynewulf: I had a Blocked screen too, but I happened to clear my SL cookie and now it's gone. I think this is some sort of server-side bug.

reply I am getting 'access blocked' too (2006-05-21 20:00) [#1610]

PeterHB. I seem to be able to access when I am not logged in, but get blocked when I log in. This has happened for the first time today. I am not aware of having done something to warrant this, so I suspect it is a server side issue. I have sent an email to Arno, hoping for a response.

RiffRaff: "Me too" (2006-05-21 22:03) [#1611]

I e-mailed Arno also, as the same thing happened to me this morning. It seems to be working fine now, though. *shrug*

ArnoHollosi: access blocked quick fix (2006-05-21 22:09) [#1612]

Dear all,

Either a bug or a new exploit by a spammer caused that logged in users got blocked. I am currently researching the issue. I have unblocked everybody. If not, then please send me an email.

Sorry for the inconvinience. I'll keep you posted.

Bill: Re: access blocked quick fix (2006-05-21 23:33) [#1613]

Thanks, Arno.

This is a test. ;-)

So far so good. :-)

Now can I edit?

Yes! :-)

ArnoHollosi: Re: access blocked quick fix (2006-05-22 00:00) [#1614]

I discovered one bug that may be related to the errornous blocking. It still doesn't make sense though.

I fixed the bug and added some additional safe-guards against the error. Hope that helps.

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