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DudleyMoore: WME (2017-08-14 11:38) [#10991]

What are deshi and user thoughts on WME this page?

I think we should have some new categories, which are admittedly a little subjective, but as librarians I think this kind of page in SL benefits from subjectivity. It is always possible to make another subpage listed every program anyone ever created if that is really desired.

  • Current - Active programs that people are using and AlphaGo
  • Historic - programs you would probably have been interested in 5 years ago, or are of genuine historical interest
  • Other - programs that exist and might be of some interest.

Move Interfaces like GOGui and Drago to a subpage

X Re: WME (2017-08-14 12:39) [#10992]

Since the go-AI related content on SL is decidedly out of date (eg. no mention of FineArt or DeepZen? anywhere), several regular edits will be needed before a WME.

In general, I can think of exactly two reasons someone would visit this page:

 1. Searching for research information on the AIs, most likely the recent strong ones, but possibly the history too
 2. Trying to find an AI they can play against.

For those purposes, your categorisation seems just about perfect. The "current" one should probably be split into "publicly available" and "private" so that the person looking for an computer opponent doesn't have to spend hours trying to find a download link for FineArt.

On the matter of adding subpages or moving the GUI stuff to their own subpage: we'll probably do just fine with one WME'ed page, but I've no strong opinions one way or another.

tapir: Re: WME (2017-08-14 14:27) [#10993]

More power to you. Go ahead.

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