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Wrong description of territory scoring [#356]

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reply Wrong description of territory scoring (2006-03-21 18:04) [#1310]

RobertJasiek: The description of territory scoring is wrong. "the number of empty points your stones surround" is wrong because not all territory scoring systems use it. "after removing any dead stones of your opponent's" is wrong because the opposite is true: the territory scoring definition does not depend on whether dead stones are removed. "less the number of your stones that have been killed (whether captured during the game, or remaining on the board as dead stones at the end of the game)" is wrong because territory scoring types with pass stones are not included. - Why is SL so very wrong? Sigh.

DrStraw: Re: Wrong description of territory scoring (2006-03-21 18:10) [#1312]

Because you can make everything wrong if you take the wrong point of view. If everyone understands how something works and the description is unambiguous, then it can hardly be said to be wrong. One of the advantages humans have over computers is that most of us we can tolerate ambiguity and have the intelligence to overcome it.

Bill: Re: Wrong description of territory scoring (2006-03-21 18:17) [#1313]

Corrected. :-) Re: Wrong description of territory scoring (2006-03-21 20:49) [#1314]

RobertJasiek: Bill, I lack time to continue improvements and make further corrections now. - Dr Straw, the difference between humans and computer is not the difference between true and false. It is possible to write truth that can be understood by humans easily. I criticise not that humans are the target readership but I criticise that falsehood is the intended / carelessly created quality. Territory Scoring is not the sum territory + prisoners but Territory Scoring refers to the sum territory + prisoners. Humans are able to understand the latter and would be able to understand further explanations why that sum is not (necessarily) all that constitutes Territory Scoring. SL is not meant to deceive people but to teach them the correct and true facts.

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