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BQM and tsumego [#343]

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Bill: BQM and tsumego (2006-03-09 14:58) [#1271]

Recently I have noticed people posting tsumego problems as BQM pages. My sense of BQM pages is that they are for questions the poster does not know the answer to, rather than for problems for which he presumably knows the solution.

There are so many tsumego problems on SL that I thought that there was a page for tsumego problems in general. It seems that there is not. So a person who wants to post a tsumego problem has no obvious place to put it. Do we need such a page?

(A little later.) Hmmm. I see that the first couple of BQM pages were tsumego problems. Maybe this is a non-issue. ;-)

Unkx80: Re: BQM and tsumego (2006-03-09 19:21) [#1273]

Those BQM tsumego problems are usually the problems whose solutions are unknown to the poster, or whose solutions have some parts which the poster cannot understand. So these problems fit the BQM framework nicely. Later, some of these gets WME'd into a question and answer format.

On the other hand, I think that many of the tsumego from games problems should really be BQMs.

Bill: Re: BQM and tsumego (2006-03-09 20:22) [#1274]

I had in mind pages like BQM 280 and BQM 283 rather than BQM 279 and BQM 284. But it does seem to be a non-issue. :-) Re: BQM and tsumego (2006-03-09 22:49) [#1276]

Alex: My feeling is that a conventional tsumego is more of an "SQM" than a BQM, since it's likely that it will be quickly answered in a decisive manner. I feel that BQMs should be questions that are likely to spark lengthy discussions, such as whole board "what would you play?" diagrams.

I have posted one tsumego-like situation from one of my games (BQM 183), but did so because it was complicated enough that I thought it unlikely a proven solution would be found quickly. Indeed, looking back on it, it appears we never did agree with any finality that it had been "solved."

We already have a "tsumego from games" series, but perhaps the idea of those is that the poster already knows the answer. Could we create a similar series for people who want help solving life & death situations from their own games?

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