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Add Animation To “Ladder”? [#3248]

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Bonobo: Add Animation To “Ladder”? (2016-05-11 02:40) [#10719]

Bonobo: Hey all, this is Tom in Germany, I’m a Deshi n00b … so there are a lot of questions that arise when I stumble over pages which I’d like to edit.

The Ladder
The Ladder
For example, today I procrastinated half a day, and instead of working, I created this little GIF animation which I’d like to add the Ladder page, right at the top, below the disambiguation box, because, as Laozi said: “An animation tells more than a thousand diagrams.” ;-) and I also believe that such things could make SL even more attractive to newbies.

BUT, on one hand I’m a little self-conscious as to how far I can go, what new things I may add, I’d hate to spoil anything for anybody; on the other hand I have an unhealthy tendency to perfkctionism; both together sometimes make me do nothing at all. Yet I’d like to do something here on SL, so … I’d like some feedback, please, from you experienced Deshis or Librarians … do you think this is too much “bling bling”?[1] I rarely see images here, much less animations. Or would you welcome such additions?

Thanks in advance,


(aka “Bonobo” here and on most forums, aka “trohde” on Go servers)

[1] Although I am seriously tempted to make this a video with a nice soundtrack ([ext] Joe Cocker – “The Letter”), I promise not to do so. Well, not here.

OscarBear: Re: Add Animation To “Ladder”? (2016-05-11 10:13) [#10720]

OscarBear?: My own opinion is that an animation is not in keeping with the look and feel, or style, or Senseis Library.

Bonobo: Re: Add Animation To “Ladder”? (2016-05-29 01:18) [#10727]

It wouldn’t be the only animation here (cf. PointPopularityByMoveNumber), and I could, of course, edit it re: colours/size/etc. so as to make it better fit in here (e.g. use the colour scheme of SL diagrams). Re: Add Animation To “Ladder”? (2016-05-29 13:29) [#10728]

fractic: So just because Sensei's hasn't used much animations so far it would be bad to add one? That's a really silly argument. I'd say add the animation. I think it would help beginners visualize the concept.

Bonobo: Re: Add Animation To “Ladder”? (2016-05-29 14:55) [#10729]

Thanks also to you for your feedback :-)

I’ll work on it:

1) to make it fit in better in SL’s colour scheme/sizes etc., and …

2) because I had a few new ideas, for example to make it a little bit wider so as to show that “a ladder is six lines wide” (i.e. a stone within these six lines in the path of the ladder may/will influence/decide the ladder’s outcome).

Won't happen too soon since I’m quite busy currently but I appreciate that you took the time ti fuel my motivation, thank you :-)

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