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Leira: Flags not working? (2015-08-12 04:25) [#10578]

It appears that the flag template is broken, as it no longer shows the flags appropriately.

HermanHiddema: Re: Flags not working? (2015-08-13 14:31) [#10579]


PJTraill: Not working again? (2019-06-28 03:01) [#11385]

In the examples on this page (FlagTemplate) I just see the names of the countries, i.e. the alternate text for the images.

In Firefox’s Inspector I see, for example:

<img src="[ext]" alt="Netherlands" title="Netherlands  (image inlined from" border="0">

and when I hover over the URL with the mouse I see ‘Could not load the image’, yet when I copy the URL and paste it in the address it shows me the image just fine.

I also see a message:

Loading mixed (insecure) display content “[ext]” on a secure page

Firefox is showing me the page FlagTemplate with:

A grey lock with an orange triangle

in the address bar, which, they say,

indicates that Firefox is not blocking insecure passive content, such as images. By default, Firefox does not block mixed passive content; you will simply see a warning that the page isn't fully secure.

which sounds as though I ought to be seeing the flags.

On the other hand, pages such as [ext] Full Recent Changes display with a green lock indicating a fully secure page.

I tried out using the {{:img}} template on my home page with HTTPS:, but that did not help; it get the impression that does not support HTTPS. Firefox also says that I can use a preference to determine whether it blocks mixed display content, but the only one I could see made no difference. In about:config I see


which sounds as though it should not be blocked. The documentation at [ext] also makes it sound as if I should see the mixed content.

X Re: Not working again? (2019-06-28 09:44) [#11387]

I'm on Firefox (v67, Linux) and can see the flags. If they are not shown on your browser then I'd guess that it's either a "mixed content" issue (unlikely, based on your description) or some plugin (e.g. an ad blocker) that mistakes the flags for an ad or malicious tracker. ( blocking your requests is unlikely.) There's nothing I can do on our end to help in either case :o(

The only thing that would solve this for sure: hosting the flags on SL.

PJTraill: Re: Not working again? (2019-06-28 21:53) [#11388]

Thanks, you were dead right: I use Ghostery to avoid tracking cookies, and although it reported nothing detected on Flag Template, the moment I disabled it for Sensei and refreshed, the flags reappeared: mysterious but satisfactory!

DuEm6: down? (2021-06-18 23:27) [#11658]

It seems that website itself is down and that's why none of the flag templates work?

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