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reply Territorial openings (2014-07-29 19:43) [#10199]

So I'd like to experiment with a new opening and while I'm trying to branch out in a lot of aspects of my game, at the moment I feel most comfortable with peaceful efficiency battles that favor territorial, solid moves. When I play a game this way I can sometime beat players 3 stones stronger than me, so I want to find an opening that favors my style. I already play the 1-3-5 with komoku and though I have some basic knowledge of the same with hoshi I wanted to know what other openings you guys consider to be the most territorially based. I feel like the Chinese openings are generally based on inviting an invasion and then slugging it out, so while I do want to study those openings I'm not sure they're right for me. I'm still sdk so openings that may have fallen out of favor with pros will probably serve me just fine with my level of opponent. I'm not looking to play a formula, just looking for a place to start one of my next study paths

X Re: Territorial openings (2014-07-30 15:25) [#10202]

For territorial openings you might try starting on the 3-3 instead of the 4-4 or 3-4. You might also try starting on the 3-4 and then making an enclosure if your opponent does not approach.

tapir: ((no subject)) (2014-07-30 00:08) [#10200]

It is a two player game. You can not unilaterally control which way the game goes. If you want to play calm, solid games, you probably should work on your positional judgment and endgame, not study a particular opening. As a way of not studying a particular opening while keeping your opening play somewhat simple you can just play two 4-4 points and an approach as Black, and be approached as White.

Dieter: ((no subject)) (2014-07-30 15:37) [#10203]

I'm 2 dan and for me there isn't "an opening that fits my style" because my style is non-existent. I'm not strong enough to carry a favorable opening to a victory, let alone finding an opening that befits my style. Professionals may have a style, my style is amateurish.

The effect of an opening of choice to my winning ratio is zero. Many other factors contribute to it but not the opening.

That's not to say that the opening can't be pleasurable or interesting. Experimenting with openings is fun and there are treasures of learning to be found in the opening stages.

Starting at 3-3 is a good stepping stone for learning, because it creates a stable group immediately. The learning will then be on how to deal with Black's influence.

Have fun.

reply Clarification (2014-07-30 19:06) [#10205]

I like to spend a lot of time studying, especially when I need to take a break from playing during a slump. My study of the 1-3-5 opening was very helpful and I was able to use it to feel comfortable with my opening, which led to a rapid improvement to my middle game. Regardless and completely separate from play, I want to and enjoy deeply studying specific things. That is why I asked a specific question about openings. A more specific question might be in order. Are there any variations of the Chinese opening or kobayashi that is a little more solid and conservative than others?

tapir: Re: Clarification (2014-07-31 00:28) [#10207]

Many variations of the Kobayashi opening are fairly territorial. (Those with kosumi as answer to the distant approach - although they are not at all covered in SL but pretty common among professionals e.g. WidestPath/MasterGo, see also BQM 570.) Re: Clarification (2014-08-01 21:29) [#10215]

Ah, I know the one. Interesting, I think I'll rewatch a lecture I have on the Kobayashi. I'm trying to work my way out of some struggles at the moment so I want to spend more time studying instead of playing, just so when I do play I'm thinking more and playing less impulsively, and when I'm having struggles I find it's a good idea to do something different so I have to make myself think and adapt and put things in a new perspective. Thanks for the help!

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