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tapir: category template (2014-06-20 15:07) [#10174]

Dieter, can you please be more careful with the removal of templates. I really don't mind, if you remove a template you consider useless, but it is the third time now (twice with joseki template), that you shoot down a template without removing its instances from the pages first - producing errors all over the place.

See e.g. here: XuanxuanQijingProblem322.

P.S. The only purpose was producing self-generating lists (with a search template), since the data loss these search template generated lists were seriously messed up, so you may have not noticed that the template was indeed used. This fooled me several times as well, afaik only an (even empty) edit of the listed pages regenerates the list, so that it lists these pages again.

Dieter: ((no subject)) (2014-06-20 15:23) [#10175]

It was inadvertent: the page was listed as having no incoming links. I checked all surroundings and found no issue. Even the discussion on whether the template were obsolete, was abandoned.

Sorry for harm caused. Let's restore where necessary. It really looked like an unused and abandoned initiative.

edit: I recreated the template but it doesn't solve the issue with the page you mention. Maybe it was already broken before?

tapir: Re: ((no subject)) (2014-06-20 16:25) [#10176]

When reloading the page, it does here. Btw, I do agree that it isn't really useful now and can be merged with keyword template or removed without harm, but there is no other way but advanced find page to do this now. It really is one of the sad side effects of the data loss.

(I went through some dozen book pages to "refresh" the automatically generated lists for authors and publishers, but I am not aware anyone did refresh the lists more systematically.)

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