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Dieter: rename? (2011-12-12 18:44) [#8989]

I think it is useful to point to this possibility, which in fact shows that cases which look like ko and technically include a ko, are not decided by ko.

But the material is oddly presented. It's as if this is some kind of an advanced concept, whereas it is merely a basic reading exercise. The concepts are shortage of liberties and connect and die. The trick is recognizing these instead of the ko.

HermanHiddema: Re: rename? (2011-12-13 11:03) [#9000]

Perhaps a more generic page of "Looks like ko, but is not" is an idea?

As an aside, this kind of "ko" is known in the Netherlands as a "Belgian ko" :-)

Dieter: Re: rename? (2011-12-13 13:28) [#9019]

Very well, I will introduce a Dutch Ko then in our country, being one where both players agree to calculate the size of it and that of the executed ko threat, then average it out and settle the account with some (cheap) stones.

HermanHiddema: Re: rename? (2011-12-14 16:26) [#9064]

Hahaha, sounds good :)

Maybe Belgian ko would be better as: A ko where all threats are about the same size, and because you fail to choose between them, you lose on time. ;)

tapir: Re: rename? (2012-04-14 20:26) [#9329]

Disregarding the nationality of this type of "ko" what do we do with this page?

TheBigH: Re: rename? (2012-04-15 06:31) [#9331]

Buridan's Ko, perhaps?

reply ((no subject)) (2012-04-15 01:10) [#9330]

Bill: I prefer to define a ko as a kind of repeating sequence of play. However, the Japanese 1989 rules define it as a shape. Crush the ko makes perfect sense if ko is a shape. :)

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