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tapir: lack of big moves (2010-12-07 02:15) [#7601]

the usefulness of this list would improve considerable if it had miai values for particular big endgame moves... like:


right now it is more comprehensive for diverse corridors but often doesn't cover big endgame moves, which is a pity. (sure it is hard to give an exact miai counting for a position like above.)

ThorAvaTahr: Re: lack of big moves (2010-12-08 12:16) [#8171]

Big moves are included in the section about 2.00 points and more (10 points miai is huge! perhaps larger than your example), however the example mentioned by you would be a valuable addition.

If I have time I will have a go at it.

tapir: Re: lack of big moves (2010-12-10 10:32) [#8173]

Yes, but there is exactly one move with 10 point miai value presented the second biggest move on the page is the monkey jump.

My thumbs rule for the above is 15 points gote (equalling 7.5 miai value) but I guess it is difficult to exactly calculate miai values here. I can give a list of most wanted situations of big second line moves. :)

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