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ArnoHollosi: (moved) Study (2005-10-09 00:27) [#39]

byorgey: Another quick question. (= I'd like to do some studying/memorizing of some pro games. Can anyone point me to a place where I can find some commented pro games in SGF format, other than shelling out $65 for the GoGoD CD? (I may buy that at some point in the future but at the moment it seems like overkill). Thanks!

Funkybside: Take a momnent to explore Jan van der Steen's site, [ext] http://www.gobase.org - I believe you will find exactaly what you're looking for, and more. :) (You must register- but believe me it's worth it.) Thanks Jan for making it happen!

Thanks, it looks like a great site indeed! But what's all this about sending my "credentials" in order to register? I'm not an AGA member or part of a club or anything like that...

Niklaus: If it is comments and analysis you're after and not just the games, then you might want to have a look at some of Go Seigen's games commented very thoroughly by the master himself: [ext] http://www.5z.com/tucsongo/book/. The book is not only available in Postscript or PDF form, but also as sgf.

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ArnoHollosi: (moved) Dictionary of yosu-miru? (2005-10-09 00:31) [#41]

I asked this of a dan on KGS, however the language barrier meant that he could not understand precisely what I get at.

Do dictionaries of yosu-miru exist? Are they studied the same way joseki, with standard moves as yosu-miru and standard replies? Or do players ( especially high ranked plaers ) "wing it"?

DrStraw: The book "Enclosure Joseki" by Takemiya covers this subject pretty well, but it is not a in dictionary format. Unfortunately it is out of print. The book "Keshi & Uchikomi" by Iwamoto covers the same material in more of a dictionary format and is in print, but I do not find it as readable.

nachtrabe: You might try the Korean book 응수타진 ([ext] probe).

Bob McGuigan: A probe is a move which asks the opponent to make a choice, allowing you to decide your own strategy on the basis of this choice. Often the probing move can be abandoned once the choice of how to respond is made. Probes, therefore, can occur almost anywhere on the board. There are explanations of certain standard sequences in books like those cited previously, but since probes can occur in so many situations, in the end you pretty much have to wing it.

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