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kb: Thumbnail + link? (2010-01-12 17:49) [#6917]

I'm doing the WME on the 4-4 point joseki page, and would like to write something like the following:

[44pointJosekis/Diagrams:i1 | 44PointLowApproach]

This doesn't work currently. Could I get support for it?

PeterHB: Technique at [AfterJoseki] near enough perhaps? (2010-01-12 20:19) [#6919]

Perhaps examine how the page AfterJoseki has been done to see if that technique would get near enough to what you want with out any new features being added to the wiki? The diagram links are links to nowhere, but you get small diagrams. That may or may not be good enough for you.

kb: Re: Technique at [AfterJoseki] near enough perhaps? (2010-01-12 21:36) [#6920]

Nope, not good enough :( Take a look at 4-4 Point Josekis to see what I mean. I want the ability to rewire the URL the thumbnail points to.

PeterHB: Re: Technique at [AfterJoseki] near enough perhaps? (2010-01-13 00:57) [#6923]

O.K., I understand what you are requesting. It is Arno's choice whether you will get it. He will have to consider whether he thinks its a good idea, how much work it would take, and whether he has the time. He would probably be influenced by other people expressing an opinion whether implementing this would be a good thing or not.

ArnoHollosi: maybe template (2010-01-13 15:45) [#6926]

The current link logic does not easily support this. Basically it would be like having two links in a single bracket construct, instead of one link and a description.

Maybe I should add a special image template, as a special image template is easier to add. This could then also be used for handling the position of external images.

While thinking about it, did anyone ever want to include Youtube, Vimeo or other videos here? Could be easily done too with a special template.

HermanHiddema: Re: maybe template (2010-01-13 16:00) [#6927]

The current Picture Template works, but it is a bit of a hack in some respects (eg: appending ?alignright.png to image names for aligning them to the right), so a replacement template with the same functionality would be nice. A special template could even improve some things (eg: framing doesn't really work for larger images, as the frames made by the => and =< syntax are limited by a css max-width).

I've personally never had much inclination to include video's, but I still think a general object inclusion template would be nice.

PeterHB: Re: maybe template (2010-01-13 20:41) [#6930]

A special image template sounds a good idea ( if its not too much work!). If the template could also have an option to resize the image that would be useful too. I like the video embedding idea as a nice to have ( not essential). I doubt I would use it myself, so for me its requesting effort that I wouldn't make use of.

I haven't quite understood how the image template would make kb's requested feature work. i.e. having an editable hyperlink from a thumbnail, as I assume the thumbnail image name doesn't stay fixed over time. But I do guess that Arno is able to consider the issue and come up with something that works.

I think its important to be cautious about feature requests, as there is only so much time for anyone. Also each feature needs to be considered when upgrading back-end software, to avoid the features stopping working. So new features always have an on-going 'weight', or maintenance time cost.

kb: Re: maybe template (2010-01-13 21:25) [#6931]

Thanks for all of your quick replies.

I'm a programmer by trade and willing to contribute if necessary. I've certainly been around the community enough.

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