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Dieter: about domination (2009-10-22 13:42) [#6476]

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GeorgeW: Ummm, well right now, you cannot say that Cho U dominates the Japanese Go arena, however, Cho Chikun definitely did at his peak, and Rin Kaiho is another one of the old grandmasters. They are just past their peak as of right now, so Cho U may seem stronger.

valerio: Winning 56th Oza, Cho U is the 5th player in Japan holder of four titles at the same time, after Rin Kaiho, Kato Masao, Cho Chikun and Kobayashi Koichi.

hyperpapeterie: And now five! But we can't fault GeorgeW's statement. Five years ago, Cho U had yet to achive this feat.

DragonN: Isn't Cho U underdog to Lee Sedol.

Maxwell P: Of course not. It's true that Cho U has yet to win an international tournament, but has 6 game records between the two since January 2007. Of those six, Sedol has won four and lost two. This is by no means overwhelming, and to say that the holder of five of the top seven Japanese titles is "underdog" to anyone is absurd.

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