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reply Deshi? (2009-07-08 17:21) [#6196]

(moved from other page) -- Dieter

Tderz: When does one qualify for 'deshi'?

Phelan: When one feels ready. Since anyone can set themselves up as deshi at UserPreferences if they're logged in, it's for people who want more functionality when editing Sensei's. (See: Levels of Access)

tapir: Re: Deshi? (2009-07-09 10:16) [#6198]

How about Wiki Wizard?

PeterHB: Re: Deshi? (2009-07-09 11:22) [#6201]

Anyone who feels they have mastered the point in question can answer. Its a stylistic thing. So on a particular question, you may feel you are Wizzy on that subject, so you are the Wizard.

(More than anything, its the Wiki thing of wanting people to get involved, to do something positive, to make a contribution. Those who do naturally become Wizards in the eyes of bystanders.)

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