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anonymous datapoints [#1871]

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Phelan: anonymous datapoints (2009-06-30 21:03) [#6165]

Where did they come from, tapir?

tapir: Re: anonymous datapoints (2009-06-30 21:09) [#6166]

Should I know? Why? I'm fine with them...

only remaining problem: we are lacking data from korea, china and other server than igs and kgs.

PeterHB: Re: anonymous datapoints (2009-06-30 21:38) [#6167]

I've no idea where they came from either, but this addition is in the spirit of this being an open wiki and looks well intentioned to me. The IP address is from Germany. As long as people are well intentioned, its okay for people to choose their own interpretation of what to add. I would have preferred names or online userids, but perhaps they didn't have the permission of the people whose data they have put up, so they anonymized it to prevent offence.

tapir: Re: anonymous datapoints (2009-06-30 21:41) [#6168]

The high dans in the list didn't provide the data themselves as well, but it was compiled from AGA rating / EGD.

Phelan: Re: anonymous datapoints (2009-06-30 22:24) [#6169]

Oops. Sorry, thought I had seen your name on that edit.

I don't mind that they're anonymous, I was just curious about it, especially because I don't understand the format that was used for distinguishing them.

I won't ask for more information.

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