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HermanHiddema: Start Article of the Week today? (2009-01-06 14:31) [#5562]

There seems to be a lot of support for an "article of the week". Does anyone have any objections if I start with that today? The layout will consist of a simple extra box on the front page. I promise to gather enough items to see us through january and february (ie: 8 articles).

tapir: Re: Start Article of the Week today? (2009-01-06 14:34) [#5563]

I think this is a good start. (What do you think of featuring external stuff as well once in a while?)

HermanHiddema: Re: Start Article of the Week today? (2009-01-06 14:39) [#5564]

Yes, I think a "featured link" or "featured partner site" could work. That also has the advantage of working both ways, as an external site could mention it is being featured on SL :-)

PeterHB: Re: Start Article of the Week today? (2009-01-06 17:14) [#5570]

I seem to have painted myself into a corner as a cynic, which I don't want to be, but can't prevent it.

I like the "Article of the Week" idea, I just doubt that it is sustainable over a 3 year period. That's 150 articles to be proud of.

Personally I would have trouble creating 6 original pages over 3 years. So I estimate my personal writing productivity as low in this context. Mining the back catalogue by highlighting previously created pages is going to be a major source of material. This will also give us a chance to dust them off and update them just before putting them in the "Article of the Week".

The cautious side of me is prompted by the number of Go periodicals that have stuttered in their periodicity, indicating the challenge of attracting contributions. [ext] Nordisk GoBlad, [ext] Suji magazine, [ext] The Magic of Go web site, [ext] Korean times column. Thinking about the AGA & BGA journals, I wonder if they too have an uphill task to find articles.

My psychology is to under-promise and over-deliver. An approach for Eeyores. To push ahead, setting out a visionary tent that will bring in the crowds, is a positive, confident way forward. An approach for Tiggers.

So, no objection, go for it. It just takes quite a lot of Eeyores to add up to one Tigger.

Ian: Re: Start Article of the Week today? (2009-01-06 17:07) [#5575]

How many top quality articles do we have at the moment do you think? It interests me to know how long we can run before having to repeat ourselves, not that there is nothing wrong with repetition. Also, who will select the articles?

HermanHiddema: Re: Start Article of the Week today? (2009-01-07 12:28) [#5588]

I hope that 1% of all articles on SL are good enough to be featured, or at least close enough to be brought up to scratch quickly. If that is the case, then we have about 170 articles good enough, which will last us for 3 years.

I will make an initial selection, and people can nominate articles they like at article of the week nominations?

HermanHiddema: Article of the week started! (2009-01-07 12:29) [#5589]

Ok, I have started including the article of the week on the fron page. At the article of the week template, you will find the upcoming articles for the coming weeks. Feel free to help improve those articles!

ThorAvaTahr: Re: Article of the week started! (2009-01-07 14:59) [#5594]


I like it, good way to see some SL content where I usually would not look.

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