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willemien: an example needed template (2009-01-03 20:33) [#5478]

Willemien Can somebody create a {{Example needed}} template? some pages really need an example.

(I was reading placid ko and just don't understand it)

Maybe an example would make all the difference also for the other related pages. komaster komonster hyperactive (I just don't understand it) but maybe it is because i am only 12kyu

Unkx80: Re: an example needed template (2009-01-03 20:35) [#5485]

Done creating the example needed template.

However, I would say that there is already a proliferation of tagging templates at list of templates. Do we still need more?

willemien: Thanks (2009-01-04 14:33) [#5508]

Willemien Thanks of making the template.

I think templates are usefull.

and I hope that it leads to deshi's adding content to them.

About the Number of Templates.

I don't think it is a big problem having many templates. The "Templates to tag pages for content improvement" in an ideal situation would never need to be used. (unfortunedly life is different)

But having different templates makes it easier to catagorise the problem with the page.

Guess that pages with different templates can show up at the same "To Be ....." page.

Also I was thinking is it possible to automaticly add a stub template to all pages with less than say 10 lines / 500 characters?

Unkx80: Re: Thanks (2009-01-04 18:40) [#5514]

Okay regarding everything except the last sentence. I am also thinking of adding a page that lists all pages that has one of those content improvement tags.

Regarding the last line, I don't think there is a fixed minimum length where we could really call a page not a stub. For some pages, a single sentence suffices because only a definition is needed. Although one can also consider merging a series of such pages that fall under a common topic.

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