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willemien: linking external or Internal? (2008-12-05 11:41) [#5362]


just a bit brainstorming but

I would like to suggest the following guideline:

If there are two equal options to link to a sensei page or an (external). webpage link to the internal one. and it is encouraged to create an stub page for linking. (this page can later grow to a full fledged page)

I found many links to other websites while there was a page in Sensei's Library on the same subject.

This is not to discourage external linking. It is to refer to information inside the library about before linking to outside library and will also result in less duplicate external links.

If only make a stub page, Maybe other editors will make a whole page of it.

Unkx80: Adding internal links (2008-12-05 12:52) [#5363]

If you find relevant material on SL on another page, you can help by adding internal links. One way is to add a "see also" section if it does not already exist, and add that page in this section. Thanks.

HermanHiddema: Re: linking external or Internal? (2008-12-05 13:55) [#5364]

I agree, external links should be avoided when an internal link would do. So if, in your opinion, a stub has a reasonable chance of being expanded, by all means go ahead and create one.

Bill: Re: linking external or Internal? (2008-12-05 17:41) [#5367]

Why not do both? :)

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