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reply rengo feel (2008-10-05 18:44) [#5115]

I admit I don't have too much experience with rengo but this ongoing game is quite different from any I've played before. Normally what happens in a rengo is that players develop some kind of common understanding of what the game is about.

I do not have this feeling here. It's rather a random play, where each has his own single viewpoint. There is nothing wrong with such games but I will desist from the White team.

Cheers! --Dieter

fractic: Re: rengo feel (2008-10-05 19:32) [#5116]

I don't think it's really random play. There will allways be some differences in opinion ina rengo but it's rather extreme here. There seem to be 2 groups, one who think the invasion started with W112 has a chance, and one who think it's hopeless.

kokiri: Re: rengo feel (2008-10-05 19:55) [#5117]

The game has taken a turn for the bizarre, but don't give up dieter :( the white team needs you.

Unkx80: Re: rengo feel (2008-10-05 21:31) [#5118]

The unique nature of this ongoing game does not just affect the White team, it affects the Black team as well. For much of the time, I don't really understand what is going on in the game.

Most of the moves have their reasons and hence I won't label them as "wrong". However, most games have a flow and in this game, quite a number of moves from either colour have deliberately broken the flow. This is what made this game rather confusing.

Like Dieter said, not that there is anything wrong with this game though. But like fractic, I won't say that the moves are random, just that the different players have different plans. Re: rengo feel (2008-10-05 23:03) [#5119]

"quite a number of moves from either colour have deliberately broken the flow"

That's very eloquently put what I meant. I don't mean to citicize anyone. I just wanted to point it out and I find it difficult to associate with this game. But let the fun continue!

fractic: Re: rengo feel (2008-10-05 23:05) [#5120]

It's true that the game is hard to follow but that does put you in situations you wouldn't see in your own games. Sounds like good learning material.

kb: Re: rengo feel (2008-10-06 01:18) [#5121]

Actually, I think that this game has little instructive value, because most tenukis in this game have (as unkx80 put it) broken the flow, so much so that to my eyes the game has swung in favor of Black by 20 points, then White, then Black, etc. I don't know what makes this game particularly different than the rest but I don't really think there's much point in continuing - White has very little hope of living in Black's moyo and even if that happens the other three (!) weak groups created by Black's life on the right side makes it almost impossible for a White victory... although take my words with a grain of salt - there could be a major tenuki again.

Perhaps the best thing the stronger players can do here is to try to make the "flow" we're talking about tangible for the weaker players by stopping the game and discussing.


tapir: Re: rengo feel (2008-10-07 01:06) [#5122]

There is a subpage for game discussion already, it is not necessary to stop playing to start discussing... and: not all tenuki were bad in this game. Cheers Tapir.

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