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Dieter: viewing with SmartGo vs CGoban (2008-07-30 17:56) [#4924]

Removed the below sgf user talk from the problem page. If anyone finds a useful spot for this user info, go ahead.

tderz The SGF from the link is quite short. Is this intended?
The position does not derive directly from the few moves given there.

ProtoDeuteric: If you use CGoban to view your SGF files, there should be seven moves from the top branch, but if you backtrack one move and go to the next branch (the one below it), you should be able to see this problem being played out in the game. It starts at move 24. If you use MultiGo, just go to the sixth move. A box should come up "asking" you which branch you want to see. Choose "B-Branch1" and the problem should appear on the 18th move in that branch. If you use these SGF editors and you can't see more than a few moves, I can't help you much, if at all. If you use other SGF editors, I can't help you whatsoever.

tderz: Thanks a lot! I used SmartGo, which I like very much. So I will forward this to Anders Kierulf from SmartGo.

Having said this, I realize that I have no problem at my work Computer, using the Click, OPEN (with notepad), then PASTE option in SmartGo. Just at home it did not seem to give more than 7 moves or so (top left corner). It seems I have overlooked the hidden branch, perhaps due to Guo Juan's mouse slip on move W7.

AndersKierulf: The branch is there. If it's not visible in SmartGo, choose View > Markup Style. You can fix up the SGF by going to the branch and choosing Edit > Make Main Line.

Bill: I just looked at the game, using the free SmartGo viewer, which shows the branch at move 7.

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