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(Bug/Enhancement) Undefined pages [#1473]

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ArnoHollosi: (Bug/Enhancement) Undefined pages (2008-07-05 11:05) [#4850]

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Dieter: Template inclusions are seen as undefined pages by that engine.

Arno: Template + undefined pages will be done later.

Dieter: Thanks. By the way, sorting undefined pages doesn't seem to work anymore either or at least not in mozilla. I'll test it out some more. -- Oh it did, maybe flushing the cash did not, or do I have to wait a few hours anyway?

Arno: sorting still works: it sorts by "last modified" date of the page that links to the undefined page, not alphabetically on the undefined page's name. That way the recent undefined pages are on top of each section. I think it always has sorted this way. Would you like to have it sorted differently?

On a side note: is the page in its current format actually useful? Currently it lists over 5500 undefined pages of which over 1800 pages are categorized.

Dieter: Categorizing would help, but that is tedious too. And I meant categorizing, not sorting. It seems okay now. Like adding keywords to multiple pages at once, the library work could benefit from some mass update features, but there is danger in it too. All in all, with about 5 active librarians it's hard to keep things organized in any way. My current spur may die again soon if we cannot take things to another level. I'm trying to get an angle to a vastly improved reference section. Tough.

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