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Including pages in problem series [#143]

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ArnoHollosi: Including pages in problem series (2005-11-06 17:38) [#406]

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Gronk: I would suggest that pages DontPlayOnThePointOfSymmetry, BentFourInTheCornerExercises, BlindSpot be included in some other problem series, like KyuExercises or RandomTsumeGo. It just seems unnecessary to have single pages of problems not connected to some other generic series already here. What do folks think?

unkx80: I understand the mess of problems, but do you think it is not good to have some direct examples after introducing some concept? This is especially so for blind spot, how would you explain blind spot to people without examples?

Gronk: The idea was to maintain the look of the page, as is. Just to stick it on the path of a series of problems. So, you could still reference it (by alias) as blind spot. Or, alternatively, you could have a blind spot page that referenced the specific exercise numbers. (By the way, I don't think blind spot is such a great classification of problem. It is too subjective. I didn't have any more blindness for the blind spot problems than any other "type" of problem.)

Charles Pedagogically, surely it's good to have some localised problem material to test acquired concepts.

Bill: Gronk, I think you should make the path name the alias, or, as has been done, do something like this {Pathname Problem X | Existing title} when adding the page to the path. (Using square brackets instead of curly brackets, OC.) That makes the material accessible in more than one way, and makes SL more navigable. It also lets people find, say, Blind Spot, via the path, rather than the other way around. Since there are fewer paths than localized material, that's to the good.

Gronk: On balance, it seems like the idea that pages with specific examples of types of problems are considered a good thing that should be maintained. I'm not yet convinced that folding these into the path of an existing series is something folks think is a good idea or worthwhile. That all of these (well, maybe not all???) are collected on ProblemsAndExercises goes a long way. So, I'll do nothing at the moment.

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