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I am about to create many new pages about top professionals, some questions [#14298]

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2001:14bb:0652:d924: I am about to create many new pages about top professionals, some questions (2023-09-12 23:11) [#12299]


I am a follower of a professional go scene and I have been collecting pictures of professional players to my local drive. I have visioned player pages of top pros with pictures and possible videos. From the begin the idea was that it would be somewhere where anyone can contribute so the first thing I looked at was this Sensei's library. I also envisioned pages being multilingual and having a comment section under every player page. I then noticed how Sensei's library takes the "fair use" policy for using pictures from other sites quite seriously, or so it seemed. Considering all that I then decided to try sketch out the idea a bit at fandom wiki, as it kind of has a more casual feel. I created this one page [ext] https://weiqi.fandom.com/wiki/Shin_Jinseo as a prototype. I am not encouraging people to go edit that wiki, as I'm shifting my focus here. If all goes well, I guess maybe it could be better to then delete that fandom wiki to not confuse people.

However the use of pictures from other websites was still bothering me a bit and so I e-mailed the administrators of the main source of most of the pictures I have saved, which is the foxwq.com. They answered me in just a few hours telling me that they are happy that Go is being spread around the world and that I am welcome to use their pictures. I specifically mentioned Sensei's library too in the e-mail.

After this confirmation of being allowed to use their pictures on Sensei's library, I think I am going to instead start creating and updating player pages of top professionals here. So what I am planning to do with many of the pro's is that I will be just putting in some basic information and then a picture or multiple pictures. I hope that's fine for you all? Also I haven't yet looked into the formatting here in Sensei's, but I guess it is possible create a bit of gallery feel having multiple thumbnail pictures in one page right? Anyway, if the way I end up putting the content doesn't please, feel free to edit them, I don't mind of course. I have some ~250 pictures saved, they take up only some 70M so I guess the filesize won't be a problem. Also if it's needed for me to forward the e-mails about the permission of using foxwq.com's pictures here, let me know.

-- kuhi?, ~1dan

bugcat: not sure what's being proposed (2023-09-12 23:34) [#12300]

Do you want to add pictures? Do it.

Do you want to edit articles? Sure, do it.

Do you want to create new articles? Great.

Do you want to make major formatting changes to existing articles? In that case, communication on specifics would be good.

2001:14bb:0652:d924: ((no subject)) (2023-09-13 00:00) [#12301]

Ok nice! Not probably major changes, but if I want to include multiple pictures and some "fun facts" on player pages, should I maybe just add new sub headings. For example a "pictures", "images" or "gallery" sub heading on [ext] https://senseis.xmp.net/?ShinJinseo under "books" sub heading with thumbnails to some pictures. I have some 3-5 at least, and probably in case of shin jinseo would like to have even more.

Then for fun facts I have something like this already for Shin Jinseo: 

  • The goratings.org has ranked him the world #1 player since the summer of 2018
  • He has never won an international title, if he has lost the first game of the final match
  • In the first game of 2020 Samsung Cup final versus Ke Jie, he played the famous "mouso" move that caused him to lose the game. According to Young Sunjoon the misclick was caused by an accidental touch on touchpad.

Are all these suitable information in Sensei's library? The first one seems to be similar information as the one on current Shin Jinseo page "In December 2017..." so I could add that at least, but those two other ones are more like "fun facts". What would you do with them if you wanted to include them?

-- kuhi, ~1dan

bugcat: ((no subject)) (2023-09-13 04:44) [#12302]

That stuff sounds fun! Everything you're thinking of doing seems a good idea from what I've heard.

kuhi: image hosting (2023-09-13 10:40) [#12303]

After searching the Sensei's Library for a bit, I have come to the conclusion that it seems like there is no file upload feature in here.

All the images I have collected and renamed can still also be found hosted on foxwq.com page and I could inline them directly from there, but it would be a whole lot of work, as I would have to do a lot of web searches and re-use translators etc to find the right pages. The following page suggests using image hosting services if an image is not found online. [ext] https://senseis.xmp.net/?PictureTemplate I think I will go ahead and upload these images to imgur or such service and inline the images from there, and then of course add the credit captions to foxwq. I know it's not optimal but I'm not sure I would want to basically redo the work I have done searching for images.

kuhi: image formatting (2023-09-13 11:05) [#12304]

Oh dear. Another thing I didn't think of is that there seems to be no gallery-like elements in Sensei's Library. It seems that either I would need to provide smaller thumbnail-like images linking to imgur page or linking to a subpage of given player where the images are shown in larger size, or include almost page width sized images in the player pages themselves. None of these options seems too tempting and I'm not yet sure which approach would be the best. The subpage for images on Sensei's probably looks the best, but it would require the most work as I would need to create a subpage for each player page I have images I want to show in bigger size.

Malcolm: ((no subject)) (2023-09-13 16:19) [#12305]

It sounds like lots of nice new content for SL, I look forward to seeing it! Hope it's not too much work for you - maybe it's better to not be too ambitious at first...?

bugcat: ((no subject)) (2023-09-13 16:44) [#12306]

Another advantage of having images on pages is that they appear on Waltheri's database (ps.waltheri.net).

kuhi: ((no subject)) (2023-09-13 21:28) [#12307]

I tested now some changes on Shin Jinseo's page.

1. I tried linking pictures hosted at fandom, but for some reason the images seem blurry when they are embedded to senseis. You can compare with the actual image linked and there's a difference. I tried with no width and with 400 and 640 widths.

2. Pictures going kind of out of bounds causes sub headings below it to not respect where they belong. I had to move the "External links" above the "Pictures". Also they picture boxes don't seem to align nicely. I didn't try float yet, maybe that helps?

3. The long caption may cause the image go more out of bounds than without a long caption, I didn't test much. This sensei's library is quite outdated when it comes to responsive web design it seems but maybe something decent can be worked out.

4. This testing is now with having multiple largeish sized images on the page. What do you think is that too much or intrusive. Should there not be so many such pics on a player page

Maybe I can figure out these myself later, but now I gotta call it for a day so just leaving it here.

kuhi: ((no subject)) (2023-09-14 20:46) [#12308]

Sorry for spamming here how this is going but the blurriness happens with fandom images being accessed from other domains. I addressed it by hosting the images elsewhere.

The layout problem with images is I guess not that bad. I changed the width of images to 780, in which case the images then approximately cover the page width aside from the sidebar when viewed with a few different smart phones and slightly zoomed in desktop pc's browsers. The images cover less area on regular desktop though. For me it looks satisfactory this way, so I think I'll add the pics to the bottom of the player pages like on Shin Jinseo's page at the moment.

I think the title of this thread is a bit misleading, oops. I looked at the ListOfKoreanProfessionals and ListOfChineseProfessionals and there indeed are most pages already existing. For some reason I thought I couldn't find some pages earlier when I was searching something, but maybe it was just missing pictures. Oh well, this is a positive finding :)

I guess I'm soon set to start grinding some pics. It's nothing special, all you fellow weiqi folks had already done the great work with the text updates. So many pages existing! Mostly I will just end up adding some 1-3 pictures to player pages and that's it

Oh, by the way. I added a text K바둑 (KBaduk) in html entities as suggested. Which is &#bc14;&#b451; but for some reason it's showing up as those entities, not as korean alphabets. Same happening here in this discussion. I guess I'm missing something

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