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ArnoHollosi: (Resolved) Change of wiki syntax (2008-07-05 10:13) [#4757]

I am ready to deploy templating functionality here at SL. For it to work properly I'd like to change the syntax.

  1. sidebars would start with '=>' and '=<' instead of '|>' and '|<'
  2. change of escape character ('!') or headings '!' .. '!!!'.

I think that (1) is not controversial, but I'd like your input on issue (2). I see the following options:

  1. headings remain '!' .. '!!!', escape char is changed to backtick _`_
  2. headings remain '!' .. '!!!', escape char is changed to tilde '~'
  3. escape char remains '!', headings change to '==' .. '====' (like Wikipedia, but without the closing '==')

Which of these three options do you prefer?

axd: Re: Change of wiki syntax (2008-06-12 21:12) [#4765]

I vote for 3!

Dieter: ((no subject)) (2008-06-12 02:09) [#4760]

Dieter votes 2. Incidentally I agree with Alex that paragraph importance should decrease with an increasing number of !-marks, but I am not patriotic about it if it incurs a major refactoring.

ArnoHollosi: Re: headings (2008-06-12 07:30) [#4761]

It's not a large change, so it could be done easily. I do not have a strong opinion on this issue. So if others would like the order of '!'..'!!!' reversed as well, I'll change it.

HermanHiddema: ((no subject)) (2008-06-12 09:27) [#4762]

Herman Hiddema: I like 3 best, and 2 better than 1. :-)

I also agree that paragraph importance should decrease with more !'s, so ! = heading, !! = subheading, !!! = subsubheading.

I have also, recently, made newer better images for stones in text the B1 ... B10, but now including B11...B99. I will mail you about that

PeterHB: My preferences. (2008-06-12 13:11) [#4763]

3 preferred, then 2, then 1.

MtnViewMark: My vote (2008-06-12 15:59) [#4764]

I prefer 3 as well, as I think moving toward commonality with well used systems is a benefit. I also vote for the MediaWiki? style of increasing equal signs means deeper sub-headings.

ArnoHollosi: option 3 it is then (2008-06-12 23:43) [#4766]

ok, I will go with option 3 and also reverse the order as suggested. I will implement the change on Saturday or Sunday. Expect some downtime.

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