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three stones -> ko? [#1268]

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xela: three stones -> ko? (2008-01-26 00:33) [#4223]

Looking at this diagram and comment:

Three stones (5 at 2)  

With three stones, there are some problems. An attempt by white to hane-tsugi may be met by a throw-in B2 (a liberty stealing tesuji) where white expects to play W3. The ko that results if white does not connect with W5 does not help white. Therefore W1 at B2 is often correct (a case of One-Two-Three).

I don't understand the remark "the ko... does not help white". It looks to me like black has a lot to lose in such a ko, so it's a picnic for white. Instead, black can play B4 at a, then white can't play W5 at B4, right?

MrTenuki: ((no subject)) (2008-01-26 13:53) [#4224]

Here's my 3k guess:

I assume that this is your reasoning? ("W1 and W5 get captured because white cannot play W7 at B2. In fact, W7 at a is gote.")


What happens if W5 = tenuki? Well, Black can certainly play B6 at b, and white can tenuki again. But compare this with the following diagram:


This seems slightly better than the result above... although I can't give an exact number in miai counting terms (Bill Spight, are you there? ;-) If B2 is played elsewhere, white can play W3 at B2 for an even bigger reduction.

reply ((no subject)) (2008-01-28 19:47) [#4226]

Karl Knechtel: Black takes the ko first, can extend backwards on the first line for several moves if desired, or just connect at a later... in which case White will eventually have to spend two moves capturing Black's throw-in stone before she can fill (i.e. Black implicitly gets more virtual threats too).

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