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Question about a Position [#1227]

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reply Question about a Position (2007-12-10 04:28) [#4116]

What is the current opinion on how white should reply here? Is there a page on SL about joseki's where extensions are in place?

X Re: Question about a Position (2007-12-10 05:19) [#4117]

Bill: This question should be a Big Question Mark page. There is no quick, obvious answer. Re: Question about a Position (2007-12-10 05:24) [#4118]

Bob McGuigan: GoBase has at least 100 games with this pattern. I didn't check them all but one thing is apparent: White's moves depend strongly on the rest of the position and vary a lot. Common moves include tenuki and the points marked with letters.

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All these moves depend on what else is on the board. Because of this I don't really think you can say that these moves are really joseki exactly.

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