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Dieter: post-game? (2007-07-27 11:59) [#3603]

Tewari is mostly a post-game or general study analysis technique. [1]

[1] A club member, when confronted with tewari, said that he found already difficult enough to do normal sequential tactics and wanted to know how often I applied tewari in a game. I answered: never, although I can imagine pros do. Tewari in my opinion is only a technique to demonstrate a point which is intuitively clear to some but not to all. So I thought I'd add this point to the description. Dieter

Bill: Speak for yourself. As Sakata said, reading is not just the calculation of variations, but includes the judgement of the results. Tewari is a good heuristic for judgement. I employ it all the time. (You would think that the opportunity to use it would not come up that often in dan level games, but it does. The loss of a full move is rare, but ending up with awkwardly placed stones happens quite often.)

tderz: Re: post-game? (2007-08-07 09:25) [#3752]


I respectfully disagree.
If the point in discussion would have been intuitively clear, then no anlysis by use of tewari would be necessary that some move/order was wrong.
We would simply call it a meaniningless mistake, oversight.

I might very much regret an oversight of losing many stones in atari, but I could not learn much from it for the next game.

However tewari can point out some logical flaws somewhere in the chain
premise (board position, surrounding) - argumentation (flow of moves; each one making (some) sense on lower abstract level) - conclusion (result).

This gives me the impression that Inoue Doseki introduction of tewari in Go is comparable to Aristoteles' introduction of Logic to rethorics (which is the foundation of the age of enlightment (German: Aufklärung) and science)..

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