Murphy's Law Applied to Go

    Keywords: Humour

Murphy's law is as universal and generic as go. (Murphy? - ask your favourite search page for 'Murphy's law'.)
Therefore it is only natural to apply Murphy to Go:

  • Every atari you make is a thank-you move.
  • If your group is unconditionally alive, it will die in ko.
  • If you reach yose you missed the right time for resignation.
  • The atsumi you are proud of is actually korigatachi.
  • Honte is gote.
  • Solid is heavy.
  • If you play hamete you will lose. If your opponent plays hamete you will lose.
  • Play fast, lose fast. Play slow, lose slow.
  • There is death in just about everything.
  • The opponent will play where you'd like to play next.
  • When you arrive at the club, the number of players becomes odd.
  • If you play greedy, you only reduce your potential territory. If you let your opponent's dead groups lay there, he will suddenly capture your pieces and turn them into living groups.
  • You never have enough moves to make life.
  • As yours skills improves, also improves the creative ways that you find to lose the game.
  • Play lightly and your opponent will capture your stones. Play solidly and he will take all the territory.

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