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Original founder of Go Orlando, which fizzled after I left, but which I am glad to see has been recreated.

Am now a missionary in Honduras, helping other missionaries with computers, as well as accompanying medical patients to examinations, surgery, or to the American embassy (to get visas to visit the U.S. when they surgery they need is not available here).

First heard of Go when I was 10. My father had tried to find it, but could not do so at that time. Later, when I was 25, and running a BBS (back in the olden days when one would dial up a BBS), one of my users played Go, and gave me a book about it, but I never got to play at the time, since I moved shortly after that.

First joined KGS in 2002, and have joined, on and off, a couple of times since then, as my account would expire from inactivity. Somewhere around the same time (don't remember exactly when), I discovered that there were two main Go clubs near Orlando, but that they were each a long drive away. Thus, I decided to start my own club, and announced it in the AGA's e-journal and in on the usenet.

Now, I have been away from Go for a while, with only occasional bursts of activity, or turn-based games, but have recently become able to spend more time on KGS. Thus, I am hoping to dedicate more time to studying this wonderful game.

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