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21st Apr 2016

I learned the rules of go many years ago, I think it was 10 years ago in 2006. Then I played one game online on Yahoo where I got the worst kind of loss possible: all my groups died!! I never played go online after that game. :)

Until now.

Following Michael Redmond's commentary of the Alphago vs Lee Sedol match rekindled my interest in go. I felt that I could understand a lot of what Michael was saying, despite having not touched go in about 10 years. Then I stumbled upon Sensei's Library, and I was excited that there was such a great resource of go. I read lots and lots of SL's pages.

I took the plunge and created an account on OGS.

I saw a 9x9 game available at a fast time control. Ok, perfect for a warm up. I didn't manage to read the right variations in the fast time limit, and so I lost to my 25k opponent. But now I felt warmed up and ready to go.

I created a 19x19 game at a slower time control I felt comfortable with. A 25k joined. He blundered on move 17. On move 26, I captured 2 black stones, secured huge territory, and left another 2 black stones for dead. He resigned immediately after move 26.

Yes!! My first 19x19 online game in 10 years, and I won!!

A 26 move game felt so short though. I wanted to play another, so I created another 19x19 game.

A 19k joined. I was playing an even game with a 19k. From 25k straight to 19k.

I was excited. :)

OMG. Did he just play the kosumi contact play against my keima kakari? WITHOUT having the necessary supporting side stone? Like, like.... just like in JosekiAsASourceOfBadHabits? Ok 19k, I know one of your weaknesses!

The game carried on.... it lasted 1 hour......

OK scoring time. What the heck does "Strict Scoring" on OGS mean?? No idea..... Ah what the heck. Just mark the dead stones and click accept.

And the scoreline is..... I've won by 5.5 points.


Thanks so much to all the wonderful people at SL, who contribute great quality articles and analysis, and who keep this site up and running. Thank you so much for helping me find joy in online go once again!


P.S. I still don't know what Strict Scoring on OGS means. Could someone please enlighten me? :)

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