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Hello, I'm a player from the eastern United States and my name is Chris Kanonik, active member of the AGA. I began playing like many others by watching Hikaru no Go of course! In december 2002 I founded the Fujiwarano Sai Go Club on KGS under my screenname there YuuichiKun.

The Fujiwarano Sai Go Club is one of KGS' longest running and largest clubs to date! I was quite proud of gathering such players to keep the place running like it has been. Membership has always been easy, just stop by and leave a message with myself or any of the assistants and your all set.

Progression through the game

Little to discuss here cause I didn't keep dates on my rank progression so far... so I'll try to fill it with important tourneys and such.

  • July 2th 2003: The Tesuji Go Club of Central Florida opens the doors to the first AGA tourney in Florida for along time. I was entered as roughly a 10K at the beginning of the 5 game weekend. First game was against a 5k from Georgia, and with the rules of the event there was no handicaping. I managed to squeek by a win after he started to fill dames which killed an entire group of stones for him, end result B+Resign.

Next game was against a 3k, by now I had finally calmed myself down from the excitement of a first tourney. This game was thick down to the wire. I don't quite recall all the details of it, but I remember that the guys clock was running dangerously low. The end result managed to tip in my favor as B+9.5!

About now the day had gone to my head, here I am entering as a 10K and having a win over a 5k and a 3k. Having the only other perfect record for the day so far I was stacked against a 3D for my 3rd match. This guy was one of the most rude and aarogant people I've ever met and loved to put down not only my moves but his other players moves too! After an ugly game and only 1 tesuji move from me I resigned and washed my hands on the whole thing.

Sunday came and cought me off gaurd with opening the day to a 2D and losing that game relitively quick. closing out the day I botched a game to an 8K which threw a wetblanket on my whole ego effect for the weekend, though I needed it.

  • December 8th 2003: The day I moved out of Orlando Florida for Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. After a long week of goodbyes and travels to play games in person with good friends of mine and the two Go clubs of Orlando, I had finally left. All that's avaible to me now is to keep playing on KGS and to eventually join a new club in person here in Pittsburgh.
  • January 8th 2004: Played a game vs a Korean 4k on KGS at 4handicap cause my rank on there now is 8k. I ended up winning 201.0 to 34.5! Good god am I overexcited! Hehe, anyways things have been moving along well for me here in Pennsylvania, and I plan to find a new IRL Go club to play in shortly!

  • Special Shoutouts
  • Adante: For being my teacher ever since I began Go! His DETERMINATION inspires me to become a better player!
  • Brian Olive: Owner of the Tesuji Go Club of Orlando
  • Rob Barrell: Owner of the Go Orlando Club GoOrlando
  • ChrisW?: Hes Touya Akira, which makes me Shindo Hikaru!
  • ChadMiller: One of the best upcomming players at Go Orlando.


ChrisW?: Am I him because he took a gaint leap in strength above hikaru? >.> my comment was up there*points up* Why isnt it there now baka

Adante: Chris Kanonik, also known as CK for most people on KGS. He's also my friend and pupil in Go. He's not a very quick learner like Hikaru in hng, but he'll become stronger in his own pace. He appreciates the game, and loves it. I'm proud to be his small "guide" into leading him up the way towards the stronger kyu's, and become more happier by every kyu upgrade he gets. Keep up the growing progress Chris. If you need any help, you know where to reach me.

{YuuichiKun}: Still alive everyone! I'm not sure when I'll be around KGS again, but know that I'm still playing and working hard to attain all that needs done. Please Email me at Yuuichi-Kun@Orangeday.net with any questions, thanks!

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