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[1] DJ: As far as I know, the current Kisei-sen is the 2002: being a mammoth tournament, the final is actually played at the beginning of the year after the "nominal" one.

Charles: It's a fair point. I don't think we yet have an established convention here on SL, whether you give the year in which the tournament started its preliminaries, or the year in which the title match finished.

Dave Sigaty: It is neither. It is the 27th Kisei with no reference to any year. See the [ext] sponsor's page.

Charles: There is a convention followed by the Igo Nenkan reference section, of giving first the term number, and then the year, as determined by the final; so for example the 1st Kisei title is dated as 1977. This is followed by GoGod, too.

valerio: after winning the 65th Honinbo, Yamashita assumed the name of Honinbo Dowa, following the Japanese practice. The list of the names assumed by the 12 Honinbos is in the italian blog [ext] Il Go professionistico.

Uberdude Why did Yamashita do this, but other winners of the Honinbo title like O Meien or Hane Naoki not? At first I thought maybe because they didn't win it lots of times, but neither has Yamashita.

valerio: To choose the new name, to use until the player is Honinbo, is a personal choice. Except Hane, all the pros who have not chosen a new name were not Japanese. Only Honorary Honinbos can always use the name of their choice.

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